Chaotic Evil Cult

by Satanic Hatred

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    Guitar, Vocals, Bass - Angeroath
    Drums - Hellhound
    All songs written by Satanic Hatred
    released March 15, 2017
    Recorded, Mixed and Mastered in Uberkool Studios, Burgas, Bulgaria by Todor Georgiev

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released March 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Satanic Hatred Burgas, Bulgaria

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Track Name: Into the Dark Mind of Nature
follow the darkness
the creeping all consuming shadow

follow the rivers
frozen from our fears cold

enter the dark mind of nature

follow the winds' whispers
shadowy voices speaking of eternal sleep

follow the depths
the darkness lurking down below

enter the dark mind of nature

Into the dark mind of nature
the grandeur of yet another dying sun
Track Name: Gateway to a Dream
dream of darkness eternal
of a cold everlasting winter night
to never sleep again
and to bathe in the starful dark sky

a kingdom like no other
a journey inside a dream so beautiful
the winds of time shall stop
i'm lost in this endless dark sky
Track Name: Beyond the Nightmare
Beyond the wall of dreams
beyond space and time
a blasphemous entity
the primordial evil lord

beyond the nightmare
to the essence of all darkness
behold a new reality
where chaotic evil reigns

on his black throne, the mighty azathoth
a nocturnal vivid horror in the dark
we summon thee, awaken now and bring
the ultimate destruction of existence

beyond the nightmare
to the essence of all darkness
behold a new reality
where chaotic evil reigns
Track Name: Ny'alotha, the Sleeping City
where there's only sleep
the drowned god awaits
calling forth my name
slowly draining my sanity

lone silence in the caves of old
as I travel through the dark and cold
feeding on the spirit of grotesque shrines
in the deserted city of the dead

deep underwater i swim
through ruins old as time
i shiver in this freezing cold
now heavy fog surrounds me

depths with nightmares all around me
faceless yelling, screaming my name
but his voice i follow in this endless night
the unsleeping one expects me

where only mad things walk
i lay dreaming endless nightmares
sleeping as i fall into madness
in ny'alotha the sleeping city
Track Name: Another Bright Light Ceased to Exist
in unremembered dreams tonight
the reflecting silver light
on the waters oh so cold and calm
drink the lake of tears in which you drown

open the gates to eternity in silence
to vast dimensions where aeons are a second
this abandoned cold throne of needles
your forever last terrestrial home

but even when destroyed
your soul will be forever bound
by the dark and evil spirits
created by your own fears

so slit your throat and cut your wrists
carve my name deep into your skin
paint me with your blood
and kiss me with your pale lips
before you drift away